Tin Knockers Custom is a Precision Metal Fabrication and Installation provider for Large Venue, Pharmaceutical and Commercial Properties

  1. Tin Knockers Custom (TKC) have been providing their clients with intelligent, cost-effective solutions for their unique challenges for over 20 years.

  1. TKC offers a full range of Metal Services, including all types of CWB Welding, Custom Cutting, Shearing, and Folding.

  1. TKC have experts in HVAC supply, Maintenance and Repair, Large and Small Scale Duct Replacement and Air Handling/ Balancing that perfectly compliment the Metal and Fabrication division.

  1. TKC also provides proactive support services that seamlessly partner with maintenance staff and building operators to handle any issues with HVAC or Structural needs.

Tin Knockers Custom is CWB (Canadian Welding Bureau), TSSA (Technical Standards and Safety Association)  and Red Seal Certified